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Customer value reviews because they serve a very crucial role in their buying decisions. It is because of this that the Consumer Report magazine still remains important in modern consumerism. It indicates the fact that consumers will always be on the lookout for information about those they buy from.

In the e-commerce sectors, consumers have no time to wait for the periodical consumer reports. Instead, they rely on raw customer reviews the customers have left on those web pages when they are making decisions on what to buy, and from whom they should buy from.

One e-commerce sector that seems to have not embraced customer reviews for their customers is the essay writing industry. Most of their websites lack customer reviews although a few testimonials may appear on those sites. is a review website that primarily focuses on this unserved demography.

Students as consumers

Students have a lot of money to spend – they buy everything, from clothes, booze, food to essays from essay writing companies. When they go out to buy various products or services, it is important for them to find the best products and services. can help students discover what some of these service providers are in the essay e-commerce sector.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Out of thousands of essay writing companies on the web, only a handful of them provides a service worth talking about. A good number doesn’t. Most of them are essay scams that either lack quality writers in their stable, but also send plagiarized work to students. We all know how the story ends when you send a substandard essay to your teachers. It is not just your grade that will be on the line, but your reputation too. We review essay writing companies so that our users, most of them who are still in school, choose essay writing companies wisely.

How it works has two levels of reviews consumers can use when making decisions on what companies to trust. The first set of reviews comes from real customers of essay writing companies. They rate various service providers they have used in the past. Those with the highest ratings appear on the list of top essay writing service providers. In addition to this, also goes out to review essay writing companies though our team of experts. Take advantage of these reviews to discover a service provider who deserves your money today.